What Do Consumers Want From SCL Health and Can We Deliver?


Earlier this year, we spent hours listening to consumers through focus groups and surveys to understand what they expect from their healthcare provider. Three clear themes emerged: Consumers want care that focuses on the whole person, not just their illness or condition; tools and services that empower them to be more active in managing their health; and empathy in every encounter we have with them.

At the end of June, we took the important next step to reach out to you, our associates, to see if these same themes matched up with what you feel is important to our patients to identify areas of alignment as well as gaps or barriers to our ability to deliver. This insight was critical to help us move forward, as you are the face, voice and presence of SCL Health every day to our patients and communities.

The results are in! More than 2,500 associates across all three of our regions participated in the brand questionnaire, overwhelmingly affirmed alignment with our consumer research, and strongly scored SCL Health’s ability to deliver!

The consumer feedback, reinforced and confirmed by you, lays a solid foundation for how we will represent our brand and services and how we will communicate with consumers in the future. We greatly appreciate your time and input to this important process. We’re also pleased to announce our three FitBit winners who were randomly selected from associates who completed the survey:

  • Jennifer Bales, RN Clinical Lead, St. Vincent
  • Vallie Doyle, RN, St. Mary’s
  • Kevin Koch, PSO Physician Assistant, St. Vincent

Congratulations! A member of our marketing team will reach out to you in the next week to order your FitBits.

What’s Next?
We don’t want the conversation to stop here; in the coming weeks, we’ll share more positive news about how we’re evolving SCL Health to deliver the coordinated and connected care that consumers expect and want from a healthcare system, and how we’ll communicate with our consumers.

In the coming weeks, we will be reaching out to associates to ask how you see these themes come to life in your daily interactions with patients and your fellow associates.

Thank you again for all you do, seen and unseen, to deliver outstanding care to the patients and communities we serve.

Joe JansenComment