SCL Health and Our Brand Are Transforming for the Future

Change is the law of life, and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.
— John F. Kennedy

Our Organization Is on a Transformative Journey

Spiritual care and nursing associates converse at Lutheran Medical Center

Spiritual care and nursing associates converse at Lutheran Medical Center

Across our ministry, SCL Health has been on a journey to transform our organization to best support our consumers’ desire for healthcare services that are coordinated and connected across multiple touchpoints. From our care sites to our clinics, our digital platforms to our community hospitals, we are on a relentless mission to ensure our patients have access to the care they need, when they need it, where they need it. It has taken the contributions and commitment of every associate within our ministry to adjust our sails to navigate the winds of change, enabling us to remain relevant and competitive in an ever-changing industry and a fiercely competitive market.

As our ministry has evolved, our senior leaders recognized the need to more intentionally promote the SCL Health brand so consumers are aware that we are a regional healthcare network that offers a comprehensive set of acute and non-acute healthcare services. With that in mind, our marketing and communications team embarked on in-depth research to evaluate our brand strategy to ensure the way in which we describe our organization accurately reflects who we are and what makes us special, factoring in the sum of all of our parts, including our shared mission to help and to heal, as well as our business strategies and the various healthcare services we offer.

Now, It’s Time to Unleash the Collective Power of SCL Health

After a thorough and thoughtful process that included input from consumers, associates and providers, several themes began to surface:

  • Consumers are looking for care from a coordinated system, and research shows a majority of consumers want to receive all of their care from one healthcare brand.
  • Consumers perceive value in their local hospital or doctor belonging to a larger network.
  • Consumers are looking for a healthcare provider who treats them as a whole person – not just their illness; who empowers them with tools and access to care to help them manage their health and wellness journey; and who offers empathy in every interaction.

These same themes were affirmed in our associate and provider surveys and focus groups.

With all of this information, one thing became very clear: It’s time to unleash the collective power of SCL Health.

We’re Taking Exciting Next Steps to Build Brand Awareness, Drive Consumer Loyalty and Make Finding and Engaging With Us a Whole Lot Easier!

Associates prepare for surgery at St. James Healthcare

Associates prepare for surgery at St. James Healthcare

Starting in the coming weeks and continuing throughout 2018, we’re taking exciting steps to present a simplified, easy to recognize, accessible brand image that maximizes opportunities for new and existing patients to select us as their trusted health partner, no matter where they are in their wellness journeys.

To accomplish this, we’ll be elevating the SCL Health brand to help consumers more easily identify SCL Health along with our existing care sites, illustrate our regional presence and range of services, and improve visibility for our physician practices. Importantly, as we elevate SCL Health in our visual identity and messaging, we are committed to maintaining the strong legacy, culture and identity of our care site brands in each community we serve. We are rolling out the changes in phases with stewardship and efficiency in mind. We’re also simplifying our brand identity and reducing costs by moving from 200 logos systemwide to less than 30.

Colorado – Front Range Region: 4Q 2017
The first signs of these changes will start in the coming weeks in the Front Range, where we’ll be adjusting signage and logos to elevate the SCL Health name to be more recognizable. The Front Range work will continue throughout 4Q 2017.

Colorado – Western Colorado Region: 2Q 2018
In Grand Junction, we have been working with local leaders to lay a strong foundation in the community of collaboration and partnership between St. Mary’s, SCL Health and key stakeholders, helping to illustrate the connection and benefits of being part of a larger system network. We recognize the need to allow this important work to continue. The brand transition work will begin in 2Q 2018.

Montana Region: Late 3Q 2018
In Montana, outstanding work is underway to support their new regional model, and the team there has made significant strides in unifying their regional identity and communicating the benefits of being “better together.” We recognize the need to allow this important work to continue, ensuring consumer and associate readiness. The brand transition work will begin late in 3Q 2018.

An associate examines a patient at St. Mary's Medical Center

An associate examines a patient at St. Mary's Medical Center

We are incredibly excited about the possibilities that lay ahead as we continue our journey together as “one SCL Health.” As an organization and as a brand, SCL Health represents the sum of all of our parts. Each and every aspect of our ministry contributes to who we are. Every associate serves as the foundation of our Mission, Vision and Values. Each of you in your own special way contribute to the experience our consumers have with our ministry.

Also, please know this message is just the beginning of what is to come. You’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more about this in the coming months, including events, messages, huddle discussions and other activities in your care site, as well as systemwide messages and videos.
Finally, I’m thrilled to share that coming in January 2018, we’ll be rolling out a truly exciting new brand marketing campaign that tells our story in a fresh, powerful way. Stay tuned for more!

As we embark upon these changes, feel free to reach out to if you have questions or comments.

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